CESI’s Partnership Opportunities

The power of PARTNERSHIP is critical to our operational framework. We recognize that many organizations already possess the necessary relevant knowledge experiences & resources to meet the growing challenges to ensure the well-being of the Elderly Population.

We value the importance of forming long-standing associations and “sealing the deal” with international /national Organizations as well as small regional groups.

These partnerships are formal legal agreements that highlight the commitment of PARTNERS and outline the strengths and expertise that each brings for the Elderly wellbeing. We are keen to form partnerships with entities who fit the following criteria:


Entities having rich national and international expertise presence and reach having similar aims to CESI


Entities with research ability knowledge and expertise in Innovation to develop the most practical appropriate affordable and sustainable means to address obstacles and issues by the Elderly population and offering financial resources to help close the funding gap.


Entities having sound knowledge of understanding the difficulties and have successfully overcome them in implementing programs and projects for the Elderly population.


Entitles bring Forward their expertise energy and especially their persuasive influence to get focus an action to support n change the situation of the Elderly population deprived of many privileges.

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