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CESI is a 100% volunteer organization, no administrative or overheads are not imposed on project cost estimation. Thus making indirect cost lean which ultimately reduce the total cost of any project/program.


CESI offer the following specialized services to the corporate sector;

      • Conceptualization and development of CSR Plans
        • CESI can conceptualize and develop CSR Plan for your company as per your requirements. We have already developed some projects, which can be sponsored or implemented by your company.
      • Implementation of CSR Initiatives
        • CESI can supervise/monitor your CSR initiatives in any part of the country and provide an appropriate report to the company. Social Audit of CSR initiatives
      • Development of CSR Communications and print material
        • CESI can develop, print and distribute communication material like newsletters, leaflets and other communications for corporate.
      • Baseline Survey/ Research for CSR Plans
        • CESI can undertake baseline and preliminary surveys on behalf of Corporates to devise its CSR plans.
      • Employee Engagement in Social activities
        • CESI can engage employees of Corporate houses in its current or proposed social activities.


Event management for Corporates

    • With its experienced and qualified event management professionals, CESI can organize seminars, workshops and other events for corporates.
    • PR exercises for CSR division
      • CESI can also manage PR and media relation exercises on behalf of corporate houses.