Centre for Elderly
Support Initiatives




  • CESI has initiated a comprehensive study on an Elder population in highlighting their rights needs & problems could be pinpointed understood and analyzed in changing socio-economic scenarios.
  • CESI aims to prepare a ROAD MAP for the empowerment of the Elders thru RESEARCH and study.


  • Program to study analyze advanced /breakthrough in elderly healthcare & lifestyle
  • Program to undertake study & analyze the rule of engagement for enhancing new service and support
  • Program to learn insight into aging results in impacting strata of social and economic networks


  • Awareness program
  • Legal Service Clinic Creating at Upzilla & District level
  • Training & Orientation program
  • Participation of college and university students as volunteer
  • Legal representation
  • Identification of issues
  • Data Bank
  • Implementation of Schemes Registration with Police and interaction
  • Harassment issue



  • CESI has the facility to provide all kind of support to an individual.
  • Elder individual contacts CESI with their need. After evaluation, the best response is made with advice.
  • Further support is given by CESI officials.
  • Financial support also arranged in case of need.


  • CESI is fully equipped to provide all type of support to an organization interested to set up facility/business for product or services for the Elderly.
  • Proposal/Program proposal is evaluated in details to its viability sustainability and extent of coverage/ impact.
  • Partnership is arranged with willing sponsors/investors and agreements is entered.
  • CESI provides Technical & Engineering as well as pre-commissioning management till completion. Arrangements of expertise/management Training for operations is also made.
  • Periodical Reviews of the operation is also undertaken to provide impartial evaluation and recommendations for further improvements.


Promoting Establishing  & Facilitate Operation of:

  • Healthcare schemes
  • Healthcare facilities

Promoting Human resources

Promoting Institutional strengthening schemes

Promoting governmental participation


Improve daily lives of Elderly people

Promoting, Establishing  & Facilitating Operation of :

  • Welfare schemes
  • Welfare facilities

Promoting Human resources

Promoting Institutional strengthening schemes

Promoting governmental participation



  • CESI protects elderly especially with disabilities who have been victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.


  • CESI empowers elderly by arming them with information about their constitutional rights and citizen’s privilege.


  • CESI advocates for elderly handicapped in situation when they cannot act on their own behalf.