Centre for Elderly
Support Initiatives



    BAITHAK- Townhall Meetings

    CESI organizes regular townhalls to involve the community and utilize their valuable inputs into their activities. These townhall meetings help us in our advocacy to help the elderly and act for their interests.

    GUNJAN – Round Table Meeting

    CESI organizes round table meetings where we collaborate with representitives and opinion leaders from various sectors to formulate and impact policies.


    SUSHASTHO – Healthcare & Wellness Facilities

    The facilities aim to improve elderly quality of life to reduce pain and distressing symptoms. We also attend to psychological, social and spiritual needs often inadequately addressed by standard medical care


    Research & Insights

    CESI Initiated comprehensive research and study on the Elder population in understanding their rights, needs & problems.



    Financial and Food support is provided to the underprivileged population through this project if required. Works toward helping them get back on their feet in times of need.


    Bashanti is a program for elderly widows. The aim of this project is to eradicate poverty and improve the lifestyle of the village elderly widows in Paitapukur, Rajshahi.


    ISKANDER Elderly Care Centre

    To provide priority healthcare services dedicated to the Elderly, CESI established Iskander Elderly Care Center at CRP, Rajshahi.

    Senior Citizen Corner and Help Desk

    In collaboration with Rajshahi Diabetic Association at Rajshahi Diabetic Association General Hospital, CESI established Senior Citizen Corner and Help Desk. The initiative makes it easier for elderly patients to receive services faster without any hassle.