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CESI-the concept

‘Studies show that despite the various initiatives and policies prevalent in favor of the elderly by private and public organizations, there is little or no awareness among the elderly population. Therefore, advocacy and initiatives to organize the elderly to lead a life with full constitutional rights, respect and dignity is the prime aim of this platform.


It has been observed that known facilities do not offer priority service for the elderly and are mostly limited in their capacity to implement service as per the requirements of the target group. The concept behind the formation of CESI stems from the consideration of the following points :


Even though the present Government policies and facilities are inclusive with specific needs catered for as well as new Acts & National budgets allocating higher than before resources for Elderly, these policies and initiatives remain underutilized due to lack of awareness.


The manifold increase of the elderly population in the last decade is rendering all the existing national and communal provisions and facilities to be a mere drop in the ocean.


Side by side of the Government Initiatives, Private sector participation is the key to ensure care and well being for the elderly under their social responsibility initiatives


The formation of CESI is a national partnership network aimed towards the individual elderly and service organizations to establish a partnership with corporations, practitioners, and researchers dedicated to improve the lives and promote care of the elderly.